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We are the aero-design team of National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. We design and fabricate radio-controlled (R/C) aircrafts and participate in competitions all over the world. Isn't it amazing?
Since our birth in 2009, we have performed quite well at the international level. Apart from winning the coveted NASA Systems Engineering Award in 2011 in the SAE Aero Design West competition, we have been doing significant innovations in the field as well. Over the past 3 years, we have produced some exceptional aircraft designs.

We thrive on the continuous love and support of our benefactors. We can never express enough gratitude for the beloved and most respected alumni of NIT Jamshedpur, and the corporate houses who provided us with all resources we could ever need.

A brief history of the team

The team was conceived by sophomores Priyanka Barua and the Late Kratu Choudhary in 2009 out of sheer fascination for aircrafts. Soon, like minded enthusiasts came forward to join the team and give wings to their dreams. The team found its first captain in Sarvesh Dubey, under the inspiring guidance of
Prof. R. V. Sharma. Despite numerous difficulties during the initial period, the team went on to win recognition at the international level and produced some fantastic designs.

Under the leadership of Mukul Kumar, the team won the NASA Systems Engineering Award at
SAE Aero Design West 2011, held in Fort Worth, TX. This was the first time an Indian team had won this award. Also, the team was one of the few teams from all over the world to participate with two aircrafts.

Inheriting from the rich legacy of excellence, P. Avinash led the team to produce two completely innovative designs in 2012 - Rohini and Vivralee. Rohini is one of the few successful MAVs built ever in India.

Prof. R. V. Sharma

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
Prof R. V. Sharma, Head of Department, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Jamshedpur is one such great teacher, guide and motivator. He's the faculty advisor for the team and has been inspiring the young guns of the team in their work, and life. He's been a strict mentor in times of joy, and a kind friend in moments of gloom, and epitomizes the notions of kindness and greatness.

About SAE Aero® Design West

The Aero® Design West competiton is organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers, a reputed international organisation which arranges standardization, events and competitons for engineers and engineering students around the world. The event poses real-life engineering problems for the students, requiring them to conceieve, design, fabricate and test radio-controlled aircrafts which can carry the maximum possible payload while conforming different material and dimensional constraints in different classes of events. The event has three classes of competition - the Micro Class, the Regular Class, and the Advanced Class. The three classes pose different problems and requires the students to optimize and balance their approach so as to produce a robust design that can carry maximum payload.

The event is supported by NASA and Lockheed Martin, and co-sponsored by many other organisations like Dassault Systemes, Byron Fuels, etc.

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NASA Systems Engineering Award - 2011

We were the first Indian team ever to win this prestigious award. Also, we were the only team to successfully participate in two classes of the competition with two different aircrafts. The event director and head of NASA's Research Directorate, Oliver G. Alvorado, wrote a personal letter to our faculty advisor praising our performance and hard-work at the event.


Two of the team-members had been offered full-time jobs in the Lockheed Martin,US, one of the largest aircraft makers in the world.

NASA Award

Rohini - Micro Class MAV

Rohini is our micro class micro aero-vehicle(MAV). It is one of the few successful MAVs to be ever built in India. It just weighs 250 grams and, unlike other MAVs in the category, is extremely low cost. It can be successfully deployed in military surveillance purposes.

Unlike other MAVs of the same size, Rohini has been designed with a payload bay, which can be used to house electronic equipment, like various kinds of sensors. This makes Rohini useful for survey in many other situations.

Rohini is extremely light and can be hand-launched as well. This is a very important design trait for an MAV targeted to be deployed in sensitive areas. Also, the low cost makes it quite expendable too.

Micro 1 Micro 2

Vivralee - Advanced Class UAV

Vivralee is our advanced class unmanned aero-vehicle(UAV). This beast has a wingspan of 126 inches, and can carry a payload of 30 lbs. It has an on-board Data Acquisition System (DAS) which can measure the take-off and landing distances - a feature which we built for the event. The aircraft also features a full-fledged in-built electronic framework for easy integration of other electronic equipment.

Vivralee is an STOL (short take-off and landing) aircraft. This means it requires very less distance to take-off and land. Thus the aircraft can be feasibly deployed in disaster relief missions where space is scarce.

Advanced 1 Advanced 2

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